ILNP’s Love Me Not

Hi, all! Hope your week is going well! Today we’re going to get the nugget’s Halloween Costume. He wants to be a ninja. It has a bunch of mirrored silver details. He was actually a ninja last year, too. hahahaha He’s kind of picky about costumes. We usually go big for Halloween with decorations and a party. This year we just put some lights on the porch. I’ve kinda been over having parties since my late 30s. It’s great to see everyone, but the cleanup is hell especially with my busted back.

Today I have an ILNP polish to show you guys! If you read a lot of my posts, you might know I’m a big lover of ILNP’s Ultra Metallics line.

ILNP Love Me Not 1

ILNP’s Love Me Not

This polish is described on the ILNP website as “an exciting cardinal red nail polish with an impressively vibrant metallic finish. This unique nail polish takes vivid red to the next level. Superb dimension and depth, its pink undertones burst through with a one-of-a-kind finish.”

ILNP Love Me Not 3

ILNP’s Love Me Not

This polish went on very nicely in two medium coats. Same excellent formula you typically get from ILNP!

ILNP Love Me Not 5

ILNP’s Love Me Not

The above picture is where you really see the pink undertones mentioned on ILNP’s site.

ILNP Love Me Not 4

ILNP’s Love Me Not

So this polish didn’t turn out the same way all of the other Ultra Metallics I own do. The finish is different. It almost seems like the polish is a little muted. I love the crazy, intense sparkle you get from the UM line, but this didn’t have it. That being said, this is still a beautiful polish! If you need a lovely red in your collection, this is a great pick up.

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