“Luxurious” Birthday Nails

Hello, everyone! I hope you all have some fun Halloween plans this weekend! Trick-or-Treat was supposed to be on Saturday night here, but it’s going to be raining quite a bit this weekend. They moved it to Halloween, which is where it should have been anyway! The BF is going to a horror con in Jersey called Chiller until late Saturday evening. It’ll just be me and the nugget. I plan on…..folding several weeks worth of laundry. I guarantee that’s scarier than anything they’ll have at Chiller!

So! Onto the nails! I was contacted to do a birthday theme mani for a collage for Danielle of @noregrets4lifejustlove on Instagram. This was only the 2nd time I’ve ever been recruited for birthday nails, so I figured what the heck! To give you an idea on how rare it is- some people do a few birthday themed manis a week! Danielle doesn’t just do nails. She also does make up and it is incredible! I would die to get lips like hers. Seriously. And her eye shadow game is always on point. She does sophisticated and vampy, so I wanted to do some more mature nails than balloons and stuff.

Birthday Mani IG

Native War Paints’ Luxurious

This is a Polish Con 2018 exclusive from Native War Paints called Luxurious. It’s like a deep, blackened, holographic purple. Also, it’s magnetic, which I just now noticed on the bottle! ARGH! I really wish the sun had been out to capture the true beauty of this!

Formula was perfection and was opaque in ONE coat! Now, I looked through all of my stamping plates, of which I have many. I had NOTHING remotely birthday themed! I got out my giant binder of nail doodads and searched. I ended up finding this little present in a wheel with gold Christmas nail trinkets. Then I found these great tiny studs. I really love the small ones. I think they look more elegant. I got all of them at Born Pretty. I sealed it all with a coat of Wet n Wild top coat. This stuff stayed on for about 4 days! All in all, I was satisfied with the outcome.

If you’re interested in the studs and such, you can get them by going to www.bornprettystore.com. Use my code LESLIEW10 for 10% off of your order. Just an FYI- I purchased these on my own dime.

Thanks for stopping by!

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