Way Back Wednesday!

Hi, everyone! Long time, no read! My nugget’s birthday party was on Sunday and I was spending a lot of time getting the house presentable. So no nail polish.

I’m back today with an old school mani of mine. It’s a little rough around the edges clean-up wise, but other than that it’s okay! I had really wanted to do a metallic gradient, so here’s what I came up with.

Metal Gradient

Metallic gradient

For this I started out with 2 coats of Milani’s Silver Stilettos. It’s really a lovely silver to own. Next, I did the gradient using Fresh Paint’s In the Flash, which is a really delicate gold color, and Essie’s Penny Talk, a copper polish. I’m thinking I should’ve used a less delicate gold- like Zoya’s Ziv, but I didn’t own any at the time. I think It kind of got lost between the silver and copper. This is one that I will probably redo with more distinct polishes one day.

Thanks for dropping by!


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