Espresso Yourself!

Hi, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! How’s your week going? Mine’s okay. I got a cat tree yesterday that the cats are mildly interested in, lol. I’ve also been working on Christmas gravestone saddles- you know how you see the flowers on top of the stones? Those are what I’m making. Usually I just do them for my family’s graves, but I decided to try selling them locally this year. If they don’t sell, I’ll use them myself. What I didn’t anticipate was how expensive they were going to be….since I am selling, I made them nice and full of flowers, greens, berries, etc. They’re going for $60. And that only gives me a $6 profit. I already have a buyer for one, but have 2 others to sell. I’ll also be working on a cemetery vase. Doing something for deceased family is kind of cathartic for me. It feels good to make them something nice, pull the weeds, sweep the dead leaves off the stones….

So, nail polish… a little while ago, KBShimmer did a collaboration with 12 different bloggers. Espresso Yourself was done in collaboration with LacquerLoon.

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer

On KBShimmer’s site, Espresso Yourself is described as “Rich chocolate, warm coffee, and glimmering clothes in shades of brown, copper and gold inspired this glitter filled shade. Near in finish to our Mega Flame polishes, this rich brown shade is filled with copper and gold holographic micro glitters for a polish ideal for autumn.” I really couldn’t put the description better myself.

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer 1

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer

The formula on this was superb. It took only 2 coats to opacity. It is a little textured when it dries because it’s jam packed with glitter. I did 2 coats of top coat to make it nice and smooth and shiny.

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer macro

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer

I’ll tell you guys what. I love a good brown polish and this one is beautifully done. I usually like to do nail art, but I just don’t want to cover up this gorgeous polish! This will definitely be a staple in my collection! Definitely get thee to KBShimmer if you like what you see! Here are a couple more shots for your perusal.

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer 2

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer 3

Espresso Yourself by KBShimmer

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