Born Pretty Mirror Nail Powder

Hi, guys! How’s your week so far? Since last Wednesday I’ve been playing nursemaid to the boyfriend. He managed to catch that really bad flu that’s going around. He returned to work yesterday, but was messaging me all day about how he felt like he was going to pass out. Unfortunately, where he works if you call off more than so many days, you’re fired. It doesn’t matter what the reason was. He prides himself on keeping his call offs low, so he was getting really upset and work wouldn’t cut him a break. SO, he had to return still a little sick. You’d think they’d rather not infect the rest of their workforce, but whatever.


Onto the nails! Cynthia from Born Pretty sent me this mirror powder to give a try.

Born Pretty 40768

Born Pretty Nail Powder  Item 40768

So this is a silvery mirror powder that is supposed to take the shade of the polish beneath it. Not the exact color, but that color silvered over. As you might be able to see in my pic, my ring finger is the only one that has that effect. In my last post, I told you guys how well sticky base coat worked to apply flakies. Unfortunately, that didn’t work for this powder, so I did a gel top coat.

To start, I did my base coat, then 2 coats of Zoya’s Kelsey, then another coat of base coat. When the powder didn’t adhere to the base coat, I used a gel top coat. To be honest, I have not a clue as to why that one finger looks different than the others! I’m pretty sure I applied the powder the same way on each nail. If you want this powder, you may need to do some experimenting. Maybe a light coating over the nail of the powder would work better.

Born Pretty 40768 1

Born Pretty Nail Powder Item 40768

Again, you can see in different lighting that my ring finger still retains some of the pink of the polish below it, like Born Pretty advertises it. If you want to give this powder a shot, go to Type 40768 in the search bar and this will pop up! You can also use my code- LESLIEW10- for 10% off of your order.

Thanks for stopping by!

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